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YouYeap Space Heater for Indoor Use 17in Electric Portable Heater with Thermostat

YouYeap Space Heater for Indoor Use 17in Electric Portable Heater with Thermostat

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Safety First: Our space heater is ETL certified and designed with V0 flame-retardant materials. It offers multiple safety features . including built-in smart tip-over protection . overheat protection . a 12 hour timer . and a 24 hour automatic power off feature for worry-free all-day use. The V0 flame-retardant 2 prong plug ensures your safety. Heating Coverage: 200 sq.ft.

Rapid Indoor Heating: The powerful 1500W PTC ceramic heating element allows this space heater to heat up in seconds. It's perfect for quickly warming up spaces in your home . such as bedrooms . basements . garages . living rooms . and it's also suitable for offices . dorms . and hot yoga studios.

Whisper-Quiet Operation: With a noise level of only 40dB . this space heater is exceptionally quiet. It utilizes oblique airflow technology . effectively reducing wind noise and providing a peaceful environment for sleeping or working during the cold winter.

Even Heat Distribution: Our space heater features an exclusive trackball system that ensures smooth and quiet oscillation. The 90° wide-angle oscillation . with a lifespan of over 750 .000 cycles . enhances heating coverage by 25% . distributing warm air more evenly to every corner of the room.

Energy-Saving Comfort: Reduce energy bills and live more sustainably with our space heater. The smart ECO mode . driven by a built-in precise temperature sensor . independently adjusts the working mode to efficiently maintain your desired indoor temperature. It offers two power levels . 900W and 1500W . to match your comfort needs.

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