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La Reveuse Personal Size Blender 250 Watts Shakes Smoothies with 1 Piece 15 oz Cup,1 Piece 10 oz Mug

La Reveuse Personal Size Blender 250 Watts Shakes Smoothies with 1 Piece 15 oz Cup,1 Piece 10 oz Mug

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 Why choose La Reveuse Single Smoothie Blender?

Easy set up and clean up -

You will be surprised that this smoothie blender is easy to assemble and use. Just plug in . then press down the cup to the base to get it started. And cleanup is simple. The cups are dishwasher safe.

Compact size and 3 chic color options -

If you just have limited space in kitchen .this will be the one you are looking for. You will love how little counter space it occupied. Three chic color options would make a great Christmas present or holiday gift too for everyone.

Convenient for a Personal Smoothie or Health shake.

Compare to those large table blenders . you will be happy with its power and its high blending performance with its small size. Quite suitable for people who are adapting a heathy life style. This nutri blender only takes seconds to make a delicious smoothie with frozen fruit . milk and juice .protein shakes . even dressings . dips . sauces. This single blender has overheating and overloading protection.If it stops working during operation .this might be the reason. In such case . just rest the motor for about 30-60 minutes for recovery.

Perfect for smoothies on the go -

This little blender has 1 x 15 oz cup . 1 x 10 oz mug . food grade material . BPA free. The addtional filt-top lid .solid lid .lip ring make the smoothie on the go . you can take the blended drinks to anywhere you want. 


1.Please read all instruction and safety warnings before operating the blender.

2.Do not use the product continuously over 1 minute.

3.Sharp blades. Handle with care. Avoid contact with moving parts.DO NOT immerse blender base in water or any other liquids.

4.This is not a toy or weapon. Keep out of reach of children.

5.Do not put the blender base into dishwasher. To clean blender base . UNPLUG and wipe with damp cloth and dry.

6.Never run the product without food or before adding the food into the cup.

7.The fruit in bottle is suggested not exceed the max line . leave some spaces to have the best performance.

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