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Babyltrl 7.4 Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker with Steamer, Silver

Babyltrl 7.4 Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker with Steamer, Silver

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Babyltrl 7.4 Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker with Steamer . Silver

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Why choose us?
1. Reduces cooking time:
This pressure cooker can do it all! Steam . stew . braise . and cook with even heat. It locks in nutrition for quick and delicious meals.

2. Perfect capacity:
The pressure cooker 7.4qt applies to gas stoves. The pressure cooker has 7.4-Quart capacity for all types of cooking purposes. It is enough for your daily family use.

3. Packed with Safety Features:
The pressure cooker features 6 safety features . acting as a fully armed bodyguard for your cooking. Cook with peace of mind!

4. Sturdy Aluminum Pressure Cooker
The cooker is made of aluminum. The surface has been polished and looks smooth and nice. You will like it.

Color: Silver
Type: Pressure Cooker
Material: Aluminum
Capacity: About 7.4-Quart
Pressure Release: Yes
Working Pressure: 80 Kpa
Weight:4.6 lbs
Safety protection devices:2 safety valves .self-locking valve . pressure relief safety .pressure limiting valvewindow .anti-blocking cover

Package content:
1* pressure cooker
1* user manual
1* steam rack

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